The Best Natural Ways To Detox From Weed

Due to the change of laws, marijuana usage has become a common topic on the social media. As marijuana has its pros and cons, some people are using it for medical purposes while others just strive for the drug's effects. However, some people are looking for ways to get the THC out of their system, possibly because of an upcoming drug test or simply because of the desire to stay clean. Besides of the positive effects of marijuana as medicine, it is after all a toxic substance not recommended for a healthy person. If you decide to get clean, don't worry, there are plenty of natural ways to detox from marijuana.

Even after the drug effects have faded, you are still left with cannabinoids which can be detected in saliva, hair, blood and urine. The drug tests search for these leftovers and if even a small percentage is found, you're busted. So, to prevent this disaster, follow these tips of natural detox from marijuana.

get weed out of your system

Avoid weed! The first and the most obvious step you will have to take. There is no way you will ever get clean if you do it over and over again. Not even a little bit. Completely avoid getting in touch with it.

Drink a lot of water! This is a general tip for getting toxic substances out of your body. Drinking plenty of water will help your body clean out the bad stuff and staying hydrated has a lot of other benefits as well.

Combine this with exercise! THC particles are often stored in fat so the more fat you lose the faster your detox process will work. This includes both weightlifting and cardio exercises. No, you don't have to become a bodybuilder, just find yourself a suitable fitness routine and do it regularly. Cross fit is very recommended, so look it up.

Eat more vegetables! Try getting unhealthy foods out of your diet and include more greens such as broccoli, kale and spinach. The more vegetables the better. This will also work well with your exercising routine so you will get quite fit along the way. It's a win win!

Make a lemonade! Lemon juice is amazing for THC detox. Vitamin C will help speed up the process and you will have additional benefits from it as well. Might even fight a viruses off without even knowing it, plus its fairly easy to do. Lemons are cheap and making a lemonade takes less than ten minutes.

Avoid red meat and junk food! Fast food and all that delicious stuff causes water retention and slows down metabolism. That is the worst combination for THC detox because in order to get marijuana out of your system you need to have your metabolism running at high speed.

Drink teas! Tea is a great solution because it takes you a few minutes to drink it and you may as well enjoy the taste. There are plenty of detoxification teas on the market, but if you feel like mixing something up on your own, you can find various recipes online. This will help your liver clean the toxins much faster and it will thank you for it.

Eating fibers is the last but certainly not the least option and another addition to your new healthy diet. If you want to get a lot of fibers in your food, you can choose from various sources such as soy, peas or beans. Even peanuts, almonds as well as any other types of nuts will do the job and you can even have a delicious snacks out of them as well.

Follow the aforementioned eight steps to detox from marijuana naturally and you will not only clean your system of THC, but get rid of all other toxins as well. Who knows, you might even like your new lifestyle. Healthy choices will pay off in the long run and you will thank yourself for doing this. Maybe all the greens and lemons will grow on you. However, if you're doing this just to pass the test, make sure you follow every step before it. Afterwards, if you decide to go back to your old ways, don't forget these natural detox tips as you might need them again in the future. We surely recommend staying clean!